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President of Japan Cosmetic Association   Dermatologist
Dr.Mana=Dr.Mana Iwamoto

Born & grown in Tokyo, Japan, Dr. Mana Iwamoto is a very charming dermatologist, as well as a beauty care journalist, living in Paris looking after her 3 kids. The Tokyo Women’s Medical University and the Department of Dermatology in Keio University School of Medicine has made her home as a dermatologist. Her career starts at Tokyo Saiseikai Central Hospital as a clinical pathology doctor, having brushed up her career in dermatology field for over 7 years, she has moved into France.

Her first life in France was Toulouse, the Ville Rose (“Pink City”) of France, located in Southern France. While she lived in this city, she studied various laser treatments and skin peeling in the cosmetic dermatology field, anti-aging studies, and natural healing alternatives, as a doctor. Furthermore as an independent person, she was strongly impressed and studied the harmonization of local people with nature.

Currently she lives in Paris like many of the cosmopolitans do, traveling frequently between France & Japan working as a consultant to major EU pharmaceutical company, cosmetic manufacturer or beauty medical clinic in Japan. Furthermore she would be flying around the Saint-Germain area to gather information on health & beauty, or producing new cosmetics, as she is a beauty alchemist.

Although few years has passed since she left Southern France, this is the homeland “the soul healing place” for her. With her utmost respect she is writing a homepage “The Southern France Tips”, casual tips but sometimes serious with full of unique and interesting information regarding “beauty”. She would very much appreciate if you would enjoy reading this “The Southern France Tips”

Kindest regards,
Mana Iwamoto MD